Decorative ceramic vessels with matching tile.

These textured vessels are inspired by an abandoned farm house built in the early 1900s. Most of the building has crumbled away over time but there are elements of its past life that are still visible.  The vessels were created to preserve the memory of ‘The Ruin’ by encompassing its features. I have collected objects from the site, such as glass bottles, bed springs, a sheep skull, pieces of broken ceramic, a piston engine, stones from the wall, slate from the roof and ivy and ferns growing there to mark the clay. The glass in the bottom of the vessels has been reclaimed from the site itself and the stitching on the vessels represents how I’m patching together the memory of the building.

Materials – Stoneware clay, recycled glass and leather stitching.

Size – (Vessel) Approximately 12cm x 7cm, (Tile) 17cm x 14cm (each cup and tile is unique so the sizing will differ)

Price - £30 per item (vessel and tile)