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Spiral thrown planter with three drainage holes and dish attached.

These planters are available in three colours and three sizes. The images show a small planter in the forefront and a large planter in the background.


Green/Navy, Purple/Black and Blue Grey/Navy.

Sizes and Price:

Large - 15cm H x 15cm rim and dish W - £35

Medium - 13cm H x 13cm rim and dish W - £30

Small - 11cm H x 11cm rim and dish W - £25

Please contact me if you wish to purchase.

Please Note: These are handmade, one-off pieces. Each item on the site is unique and individual.

Although there are duplicates of items, due to the handmade nature of ceramics no two pieces are exactly the same, this includes, size, shape and colour of pieces.

This is the beauty of bespoke.

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